Point and click
Point and click

Automate what can’t be automated

Popular automation services provide connections to thousands of different apps. However, some of these connections lack a lot of an app’s core functionality while other less popular apps have no way to be automated through Zapier or Integromat. Browse allows you to use a web browser record point and click actions, or to enter information on a repeatable basis.

Google Sheets
Google Sheets

Dynamic data anywhere

Equivalent web automation tools usually focus on scraping data. Browse is the only tool available that allows you to provide information on the fly to enter anywhere you’d like. Browse can scrape some data, but is really designed for automating repeated redundant tasks.

Bots within Bots
Bots within Bots

String bots together

While long and complex browsing sessions can be built with Browse, sometimes it's a better strategy to build small specific bots that contain overlapping pieces.

With Browse, create many bite sized bots that can be daisy-chained in any order you desire within a larger automation.

Private and Public Bots

Built for privacy, open to the public

While you’re building the perfect bot that scrapes Mercury Bank's Investor DB, maybe you think to yourself “I wish someone else had built this for me to use off the shelf.”

With Browse, you can make a bot widely available for anyone to use within their own automations. Charge for bots by access or usage and collect passive income for your work.

Private and Public Bots


Introduction Tutorial

Browse by The Masonry

Introduction Tutorial

Opening the App

Introduction Tutorial

Connecting to Zapier

Use Case

App Annie Ranking Checker

Link to the live sheet where this information is being collected

The format for grabbing data from a previous step as shown in this video is ${United States Index__collected_data__value} not ${United States Index} as shown in this video. This fix is made in the "Editing an Existing Step" video further down.

New Feature

Editing an Existing Step


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Our customers love what we do

A few select people have tested early versions of The Masonry’s Toolkit

Michael Pichardo

you’re going to put Uipath out of business

Hugo Cox
5HC Systems

This is epic - so handy for simply mapping all zaps.

Guy Butts

Oh my God, this is incredible. I yelled at my phone in happiness when I found out about versioning. This is amazing. Thank you.

Andrew J Davidson

Amazing! Real usecase potential here.


This tool is so useful! How many times I struggled to find a Zap with a particular step/piece of code..

Maksim Buranbaev

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this with how much time I spend creating Zapier flows in Miro.

Kendall Hines

It’s like Microsoft’s Power Automate but for SaaS apps. I have 2 CRMs with weak APIs and this allows me to hack my way to an immediate solution.