Deep Search

Find that needle in the haystack

Zapier provides simple search on top level items, but how do you find every Zap that sends an email from an ex-employee’s email address or that variable you know is hidden deep in a code step?

The Masonry provides deep search within Zaps and highlights the steps containing the item you’re looking for.

Automated Mapping

Zoom out and see the big picture

While Zapier is amazing for beginners, a growing business can quickly create an account that is unwieldy.

The Masonry generates a flowchart for all your automations and how they connect to each other while also showing you the size of your account and how often various apps and endpoints are used. This mapping can be exported into popular flowchart services like Miro.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does everything work?

As an account grows, documenting various automations and customer journeys becomes an increasingly important and time consuming job. Especially for automations that need changes often. The Masonry helps take the technical details of automations and makes sense of them from a non-technical perspective that can be printed out and handed to an MBA grad.

Versioning and Backups

What happens when a change breaks your account?

Zapier doesn’t allow you to sandbox an update or roll back the clock when you build something new that breaks. When this happens, it’s panic stricken havoc until you’re able to fix automation live. The Masonry stores infinite versions of your automations safely for you to upload when things go wrong.


There is no price currently for our tools, we are in open beta and learning about our customer’s needs.

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Our customers love what we do

A few select people have tested early versions of The Masonry’s Toolkit

Michael Pichardo

you’re going to put Uipath out of business

Hugo Cox
5HC Systems

This is epic - so handy for simply mapping all zaps.

Guy Butts

Oh my God, this is incredible. I yelled at my phone in happiness when I found out about versioning. This is amazing. Thank you.

Andrew J Davidson

Amazing! Real usecase potential here.


This tool is so useful! How many times I struggled to find a Zap with a particular step/piece of code..

Maksim Buranbaev

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this with how much time I spend creating Zapier flows in Miro.

Kendall Hines

It’s like Microsoft’s Power Automate but for SaaS apps. I have 2 CRMs with weak APIs and this allows me to hack my way to an immediate solution.