Works beautifully with popular services like Zapier, Integromat, Parabola, and n8n.

The Masonry lets you implement LowCode components built by the NoCode community, helps visually navigate automations, backs up accounts, and automates where other services cannot.

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Saves money on existing automation services

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Assists in mapping and documentation of tasks

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Versioning and backup of automation services

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Powerful search for large accounts

Point and Click Browser Recording

Automate what can’t be automated

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Zapier and Integromat provide connections to thousands of different apps. But what about every other app and website?

Browse by the Masonry lets you:
- Push and pull data from any website or app
- Handle light scraping tasks
- Fill in complex web forms
- Run in a browser from any city
- String simple bots together to create complex bots
- Pull from a Google Sheet to enter into a webpage
- Reorder steps

BROWSE plugs into existing automation services like Zapier and Integromat to fill the gaps. While these services support thousands of apps, there are many hundreds of thousands more that are left unsupported. Browse allows every website the ability to be automated.


Gumroad for Code

Integromat doesn't allow for Code Steps, Zapier doesn't allow you to create a Code Step that can be used in multiple Zaps.

Flow by The Masonry lets you:
- Extend custom code into Integromat
- Create a Code Step that can be run in multiple Zaps
- Use code anywhere where Webhooks are supported
- Share Code Steps with friends
- Sell Code Steps in the Marketplace

Competitors like AWS Lambda or Google Functions are EXTREMELY difficult to use. Zapier and n8n make creating code steps something that can’t be updated easily and Integromat doesn’t support custom code at all. FLOW lets you use components built by the community or the ability to create your own that can be shared and monetized.

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Automated Mapping and Search

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Browser Automation

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Gumroad for Code

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Our customers love what we do

A few select people have tested early versions of The Masonry’s Toolkit

Michael Pichardo

you’re going to put Uipath out of business

Hugo Cox
5HC Systems

This is epic - so handy for simply mapping all zaps.

Guy Butts

Oh my God, this is incredible. I yelled at my phone in happiness when I found out about versioning. This is amazing. Thank you.

Andrew J Davidson

Amazing! Real usecase potential here.


This tool is so useful! How many times I struggled to find a Zap with a particular step/piece of code..

Maksim Buranbaev

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this with how much time I spend creating Zapier flows in Miro.

Kendall Hines

It’s like Microsoft’s Power Automate but for SaaS apps. I have 2 CRMs with weak APIs and this allows me to hack my way to an immediate solution.